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Acoustics and Dynamics Laboratory (ADL), located in the Automotive Laboratory of the Department of Mechanical Engineering (İstanbul Technical University), is a research group majorly focusing on the fields of nonlinear dynamics, mechanical vibrations, and acoustics. Specifically, the research activities of the group are friction induced noise and vibration problems, data acquisition, signal processing, automotive NVH, vehicle system modeling, and dynamics of road and railway vehicles.

The activities of the group in education and research are all dedicated to serve the community by:
  • improving the academic background of the undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of machine dynamics, automotive NVH, etc.
  • providing applied educational and research opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students
  • enhancing the academic know-how through fundamental and applied research

Major facilities include a semi-anechoic room; fundamental mechanical vibration experiment setup; dynamic experiment setup for rotating machinery; mechanical power transmission system experiment; brake dynamometer; several bench test setup related to friction induced NVH problems; data acquisition hardware and software; and an assortment of exciters and transducers such as uni- and tri-axial accelerometers, microphones, acoustic intensity probe, modal  hammer and shaker, force, pressure, temperature sensors.